“Developing ‘Active Listening’ Skills” by David Benjamin


“Developing ‘Active Listening’ Skills”
Presented by David Benjamin, Ph.D., Sc.D. (hon), Clinical Pharmacologist & Toxicologist

Testifying at trial involves not only a thorough review of the facts of the case but the ability to recognize and respond to trick questions. While you have spent decades becoming proficient in your areas of specialty, attorneys have spent years learning how to phrase questions during cross-exam designed to elicit admissions and concessions or to make you look foolish or unqualified.
This workshop is designed to teach you to develop “Active Listening” skills you can use to recognize improper or poorly formed questions and to permit you to practice responding to these questions through interactive discussions and small group demonstrations in a safe, supportive setting. You will also review the rules of evidence and civil procedure, which control discovery requests and provide for limiting and quashing abusive discovery requests and subpoenas. Attendees should bring copies of transcripts or lists of troublesome questions they have encountered previously to the workshop for evaluation, commentary, and assistance in formulating responses.

2 Hours CEU Credit

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