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Updated SOC: Pressure Injuries, Biofilms, Nutrition, and COVID-19 Skin Issues by Susan Cacciola, BSN, RN, WCC


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Updated SOC: Pressure Injuries, Biofilms, Nutrition, and COVID-19 Skin Issues

Presented by Susan Cacciola, BSN, RN, WCC

Presented on April 27th, 2021 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Eastern Time


1 Hour CEU Credit

Wound prevention, maintenance, and repair. More complicated than you think!

Learn all about the updated recommendations for nutrition, hydration, wound prevention, biofilm management, and more! A presentation you do not want to miss!


Three objectives for presentation:

  • Identify PI prevention measures, including those for Covid-19 patients
  • State the roles nutrition and hydration have in PI prevention, repair, and maintenance
  • State the importance of pain and pain management as it relates to PI


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