2023 Board of Directors

Justine Hanna - President

Yvette Twum-Danso - President-Elect

Amy McCutcheon - Director at Large

Ethel Wills- Director at Large

Hannah Jaeger - Education Committee Chair

Keli Heskett - Education Committee Co-Chair

Debbie Wilden - Secretary

Sheila Gravlee - Secretary Co-Chair

Rachel Kauffman - Treasurer

Susan Haibeck - Newsletter Committee Chair

Jennifer Dizon, Stormy Green - Newsletter Committee Co-Chairs

Kami McEntee- Social Media Chair

Lissette "Liz" Diaz - Social Media Co-Chair


Justine Hanna

Justine Hanna

2023 President

Justine has been a nurse for over 12 years, working primarily in Renal, Medical-Surgical, and the Stroke floor. She has spent her past 9 years in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and remains clinically active (it’s hard to leave the babies).  

Justine is the Owner of Hanna Nurse Consulting which focuses primarily on personal injury cases, provided medical record review and summaries to assist clients during some of their most vulnerable times. She is also co-owner of Mass Tort Medical Consultants which consults on various tort cases, simplifying the process without compromising quality. Justine is extremely passionate about helping to define the truth of the case and assisting in obtaining justice for all clients.
When she isn’t running two LNC businesses or working bedside in NICU, she enjoys spending time with her family, including three exceptional children, her loving and supportive husband, and her super smiley dog Moose.

Yvette Twum-Danso

Yvette Twum-Danso

2023 President-Elect

I’m a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with over
25 years’ nursing experience. I can save you time
and money with cost-effective services such as
screening cases, report writing, assisting with IMEs,
trial preparation and locating expert witnesses. Let
my CLNC® expertise work for you. Contact me today!

Amy McCutcheon

Amy McCutcheon, RN

Director at Large

Amy McCutcheon, RN, LNC is a skilled medical professional with over 10 years of experience in nursing. She has spent much of that time in the Med-Surg ICU at a small but distinguished hospital in Raleigh, NC. Amy also has experience in Level III Neonatal ICU and in Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Detox.

Her level of experience provides her with a working knowledge of policies and procedures as well as the Standards of Care in all functional body systems. Amy has excellent communication skills with patients and families as well as respected relationships with doctors and other members of the healthcare team. She is a valuable addition to any team.

Amy is the owner of Wake Nurse Consulting, assisting attorneys across the country with various aspects of their medical related cases. The focus of her consulting business is merit reviews, fact summaries, expert location services and attends Defense Medical Exams in her local area. She completed her training as an LNC through the AALNC and is looking forward to being of service in the WVUOV-AALNC chapter as the President Elect for 2021.

Amy grew up in North Carolina and pursued nursing as a second career. She is the mother of three children, the youngest of which has Cerebral Palsy. This first hand experience gives her a unique insight into childhood brain injury cases and the long term commitment of raising a child with disabilities.


Ethel Wills - BSN, MSN

Director at Large

I am a registered nurse with over 30 years clinical experience. I took a step-wise approach to obtaining my education: Associate degree, Bachelor of Science degree, and finally, Masters of Science in Nursing and Health Administration.

My professional experience has been vast and broad. I have provided care to medical-surgical patients and burns and trauma victims, Additionally, I worked in medical and surgical intensive care units and outpatient care. During the latter years, I served as an Adjunct Instructor, teaching medical-terminology and I worked in the rehabilitation and long-term arena.

In late 2015, my nursing career expanded from the bedside to that of legal nurse consulting. I opened the doors of E Wills Legal Nurse Consultant, LLC. Since that time, my business has steadily grown, and with no conscious design of my own, my niche was developed of providing meritorious reviews and expert analyses of rehabilitation and long-term care cases.


Hannah Jaeger, BSN, RN, ALNC, CCRN, TCRN, PCCN

Education Committee Chair

In high school, Hannah Jaeger decided to become a registered nurse because she thought it was “cool” and would provide for a versatile career. Turns out she was right. Hannah has worked in abdominal organ transplant, outpatient gastric surgery, multitrauma and neurotrauma critical care, ECMO, and as a nursing supervisor. Hannah became an LNC in 2020 right as the pandemic hit and now works from home as an independent LNC contractor.
Hannah’s specific expertise includes traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, inpatient critical care, end-of-life care, and organ donation. Hannah believes in lifelong learning and is pleased to serve as the WVUOV education committee chair for 2023.

Keli Heskett

Keli Heskett

Education Committee Co-Chair

Keli began her nursing journey over 14 years ago. She has worked in many areas, specializing in critical care, Emergency, Flight, ICU, Informatics, and travel nursing. Keli now enjoys teaching our future generations of nurses as a college professor in New Mexico. 
Keli initially entered the legal world with her firm, Critical Care Nurse Consulting, focusing on Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. She has successfully grown and maintained her business while co-founding Mass Tort Medical Consultants. Since then, she has worked on various torts, changing the way traditional torts are done.
Keli completed her Master’s in Forensic Nursing in December 2022. She enjoys mentoring young women who want to pursue a career in the sciences or small business and is dedicated to helping others grow. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her senior dogs and hikes with her supportive husband. If she has a stretch of free time, you will find her on the beach.

Debbie Wilden
Debbie Wilden

Debra Wilden - BSN, RN, CMSRN


Debra Wilden graduated from Ursuline College in 1981 with her BSN, RN. She entered the workforce that same year at Hillcrest Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Facility, which also has achieved Magnet status. She started on the general med-surg floor (with a lot of gynecological, orthopedic, abdominal, and vascular cases,) then moved to the step-down unit (SDU) with telemetry monitoring. The hospital did away with its SDU making the whole hospital telemetry available. She worked med-surg tele with the adult population who experienced mostly cardiac and pulmonary issues. There were also a lot of pneumonia, urinary, and sepsis/cellulitis patients. Since 2017, until her retirement on Sept 4, 2021, after 40 yrs of clinical service, she was active in 3 hospital councils and research there.

Debra is certified in BLS. She had her CMSRN (certified med/surg RN) from 2018-2022. She completed the Legal Nurse Consulting program, from Ohio State University Lima Campus in April 2009. She has joined both national and local chapters of the AALNC. On the local level, she filled the secretary position for many years.

Debra has training in the following legal areas: chart review, medical issue explanations, report and timeline writings, research, depositions, and expert witness testimony. Debra started her own consulting firm in May2009 known as Wilden's Legal Nurse Consulting.

On a personal level, Debra is involved with her family. She is also involved with her community in volunteering in the following: The University Height's Symphonic Band, the local YMCA, and her church-Christ Community Church (volunteering as needed, playing her trumpet for worship services.)

Rachel Kauffman

Rachel Kauffman


Rachel Kauffman is the founder and owner of Sage River Valley Consulting, LLC.  A seasoned nurse with more than 15 years of work experience across the United States, Ms. Kauffman gained extensive knowledge in multiple nursing specialties. She worked in a variety of clinical practice settings both as a staff and travel nurse, and has volunteered abroad with Doctors Without Borders in a conflict zone as part of the surgical team. Ms. Kauffman has specialized training in critical care, emergency room, ambulatory care in addition to extensive experience and specialty certification in perioperative services (Pre/Post-op and operating room). Ms. Kauffman has also taught nursing classes to and mentored licensed vocational nursing students.

Susan Haibeck

Susan Haibeck - RN, MSN, CLNC

Newsletter Committee Chair

With over thirty years of nursing practice and extensive experience serving attorneys and their clients nationwide, Susan V Haibeck, President of Haibeck and Associates, is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Featured as one of the Nurse Consulting Success Stories of the Vickie Milazzo Institute of Legal Success Stories, Ms. Haibeck has reviewed many cancer related cases (defense and plaintiff), as well as medical records involving nursing home negligence, emergency room incidents, and medication errors.

Among her specialties are the creation of pain and suffering reports, locating the appropriate medical experts, developing questions for depositions, and the coordination of A Day in the Life videos.

Ms. Haibeck has a Master of Science Degree in Adult Oncology Nursing from Northern Illinois University. Her strong nursing background provides needed insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ story of nursing culture and systems regarding medical related cases in various medical hospitals and facilities.

In addition to the publication of numerous articles in nursing journals, and serving as Chair of the Newsletter Committee of the WVUOV online Chapter of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, her book, entitled Cancer Care Malpractice – An Attorney’s Guide to Understanding the Issues, will be published in late 2020.

Kami McEntee

Kami McEntee

Social Media Chair

Kami McEntee has over 20 years of experience in healthcare. She started her healthcare journey as a certified nursing assistant while in nursing school and was the youngest graduate of her class to receive an Associate of Science in Nursing from Hagerstown Community College in 2004. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Frostburg State University in 2018. Kami has worked in a variety of nursing settings throughout her many years of experience. Her areas of practice include: Intensive Care, Same Day Surgery, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, Emergency Department, Telemetry, Med-Surg, Interventional Radiology, Pediatric Triage, and Management. 

Kami is the owner of Priority Legal Nurse Consulting, where she assists attorneys across the country with their medico-legal needs. Her focus is merit reviews, fact summaries, audit trail analysis, expert location services, and attending local defense medical exams. She received LNC training to prepare her for success on her LNC journey. 

Kami grew up and lives in Maryland, however spends as much time as possible in the beautiful state of Tennessee. She believes laughter and nature are some of the best medicines. Her daughter is her pride and joy. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, dancing, and reading. 

Kami prides herself on her commitment to continuing education and is thrilled to serve as the WVUOV-AALNC chapter Social Media Committee Chair. 

Lissette Diaz picture

Lissette “Liz” Diaz

Social Media Co-Chair

Liz Diaz, MBA, RN, graduated from UTHealth Houston - Cizik School of Nursing with her BSN in 2012. She has been an RN for ten years, and her nursing experience includes: Emergency Department, ambulatory care, telephone triage, process improvement, and legal nurse consulting. 

Liz is passionate about professional nursing and has successfully sought out certifications in all her areas of practice: Certified Emergency Nurse, Registered nurse - Board Certified, Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt, and is scheduled to take her Legal Nurse Consultant - Certification in 2023. Liz is committed to being a lifetime learner and is pleased to serve as the WVUOV chapter social committee co-chair. 

Liz is the owner of Diaz Legal Nurse Consulting, where she assists attorneys and established LNCs with medical record reviews. She has been a legal nurse consultant since July 2020. 

Liz was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and currently resides there with her husband and two young children. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, camping with her family in the Texas hill country, and being a coffee connoisseur. Fun fact: Liz played NCAA division 1 collegiate softball as a centerfielder.